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Bic Yakka 120 explorer

Bic Yakka 120 explorer

My first impressions review.
This is a unique kayak in the fact that it folds in half so it is very easy to store and transport in fact it will fit in to most hatchbacks easily the quality of the build is very good and very innovative some brilliant features are incorporated in to this kayak the bottom half of the kayak is made from thermoformed
Polyethylene and the top part is made from rip stop nylon with an inflatable bladder inside it.
Inflating the top half of the kayak takes about 1 minute
And the same to deflate it.


Seen above with a deluxe seat fitted which is an add on


There are plenty of bungee cords fitted to the sturdy top half so things can be stored under them like tackle boxes ect .the fittings for the bungee cords are double stitched so they are very strong.


The cockpit area is very spacious note the heal mouldings for foot comfort


Behind the added on deluxe seat you will notice the inflated back rest with this backrest inflated there is no need for the seat we added the seat here so we could use the added rod rests on the seat .


The long bar is the locking mechanism that locks the 2 halves together it did not get in the way at all when we tested the kayak in fact it is recessed so is no hindrance at all note the quality fittings used for attaching the seat .


The Yakka 120 also comes in a stunning red colour the front bungee cords are in a perfect position for tucking your paddle in to while fishing


Underneath the yakka you can see the 2 halves and the hull shape
The yakka is 9ft4inches long and 30 inches wide it weighs just 22kg


A very clever built in wheel is incorporated in to one of the halves note the black rubbing strip which is replaceable should the need arise

The photo below shows the Yakka 120 explorer fully folded and ready to store or transport this is a unique concept that I think is very useful it can easily be stored at the caravan for instance or under the stairs out of the way transporting it is easy as it fits in to most hatchbacks really easily


The Bic yakka is a unique kayak that incorporates some amazing features the quality is very good and it rides well on the water the secondary stability is amazing it turns and tracks very well and we got up quite a bit of speed in this kayak when we tested it out.
I think it could be the answer to a lot of problems with its fold up design that many of us have had with storage and transporting
The kayak retails at 495 .which is very good value for money with the bic yakka you are getting a lot of quality for your money

Article by

     Terry Jackson



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