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Advanced Elements Straight edge sea angler

The Advanced Elements Straight edge sea angler kayak

This is my review of the new Advanced Elements Straight edge sea angler kayak A specially designed inflatable kayak for the kayak angler.
Firstly the official Specifications on the kayak.
• Length: 295cm.
• Width: 90cm.
• Weight: 18kg.
• Max capacity: 136kg.
• Shipping weight: 21kg.
• Shipping dimensions: 102cm x 50cm x 29cm.
• Colour: yellow/grey/black

The first thing you notice is the quality of the materials a multi layer materiel that it’s extremely strong and durable.
The design keeps the air bladders covered in protected heavy duty zipped pouches.

All the high wear areas have extra layers of material for protection
Inflating took me just 4 minutes from start to finish and it was ready to go
This kayak has some really great features which we have never seen before like the new accessory bar which can be used to mount all kinds of fishing kit and the multiple attached anchor points For equipment.


The kayak has 5 main inflation points both gunnels floor and 2 airbags the accessory bar is then attached and you are ready to go


The whole package comes in a really nice solid holdall which both protects and makes transporting easy


Once inflated you have a very robust and stylish looking kayak bursting with new features


The supplied seat comes complete with 2 rod holders and a clever inflating system which can be used from a seated position via a small inflation tube which allows the user to adjust the level of comfort while out fishing with ease.
The seat has a 2 point easy fit anchoring system which is very secure and gives great rigidity to the seat this is something we have never seen before in an inflatable kayak seat


The new accessory bar was easy to fit to the attached rubber mounts it just slides in and feels very secure once fitted.
This is a great new feature which will allow us anglers to fit rod rests fish finders gps systems ect .
Once the accessory bar is fitted it forms part of the kayaks rigidity helping to keep the whole kayak solid


The kayak has a pair of Velcro paddle keepers on each side these were very secure when attaching the paddle and worked really well we did find that occasionally when paddling we tended to catch the front ones with the hand this could be attributed to the paddle length we used mostly a 215cm paddle but I think a longer paddle would eliminate this perhaps a 230cm would be better suited.


We found the seating position fantastic with a very high level of support and comfort with lots of leg room and plenty of room for the kit


Every where you look in this kayak you see innovative ideas incorporated like the fish measuring tape on the cockpit floor section


behind the seat is the floor inflation valve and some really solid built in anchor points 2 each side for things like a crate or fishing box this is a very handy feature


The straight edge technology is a superb and very innovative feature.
The kayak has small shaped aluminium bars built in to the keel and stern
This helps in the overall handling of the craft by keeping a solid stern and keel the tracking and overall handling of this kayak is superb


The hull has some great features also with 2 hard plastic ridges both at keel and stern which serve 2 points firstly they are positioned at high wear areas so offer a degree of protection while its on dry land secondly they extend the straight edge technology another thing to point out is the 2 rows of scupper holes 12 on each side these can be used open or closed or in any desired combination of open and closed each scupper hole has a rubber cap easily accessed from the seating position in the cockpit


The Advanced Elements Straight edge sea angler kayak really impressed me and changed my views completely of inflatable kayaks it has so many innovative features
The straight edge technology makes a massive difference to the handling of the craft It paddles superbly more like a ridged kayak than an inflatable.
when we did our review the wind was gusting to 24mph it did effect the kayak but no more than the sit on tops that accompanied me on the day I cant wait to get it out on the sea.
The full UK retail of the kayak is £759.00 I feel this is good value for the amount of technology involved in this superb kayak.

aeticle by
terry jackson


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